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WHAT A GREAT BUNDLE comes with our detox tea , instant lipo gel, booty overnight cream , breast plumper, skin repair in a jar, Hair Vitamins in one box

Booty overnight cream Butt Enhancement Cream contains a proprietary blend of botanical ingredients that are proven to smooth, tighten and plump your butt, thighs and hips, designed to make your butt curvier more enhanced .

  • Voted #1 Butt Enahncement Cream
  • Butt enhancing bigger , firmer
  • Eliminate Unsightly Cellulite
  • Plump And Smooth Your Butt
  • Get The Curvy Butt You Have Always Wanted
  • Results will vary based on body type, genetics, age and overall health

ourcloset1 instant lipo gel supports and help with your cellulite or to assist in your slimming with stubborn fat Slimming Gel let instant lipo gel help reshapes your figure and prevents new fat deposits. yourcloset1 instant lipo gel® restores the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

instant lipo gel helps Slimming and fights unwanted fat on the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks skin, eliminate the appearance of cellulite and burn away unwanted fat cells. This botanical slimming gel will be absorbed into the skin. The ingredients start to dilate blood vessels and break down the fat cells. You will be left with a supple and more toned skin.

  • MASSAGE gel : massage gel can be used alone through general massage of the target fatty and cellulite problem areas. Hot Shot Slimming Gel is effective when used on fatty areas and on cellulite. It is designed to address fat in problem areas such as the tummy, flank, thighs and arms. It penetrates the epidermis, causing a heating effect. Recommended to use two times a day.
  • Herbal shrink detox

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    Herbal DETOX TEA help to support both cleansing and thermogenic activity within the body helping to promote the elimination and storage of excess calories.*No Sugar, Salt, Yeast or Artificial Flavors. Caffeine Free.
    • Reduce your bloating
    • Support your metabolism
    • Help maintain a healthy immune system
    • Boost your energy
    • detoxifying tea blend which comes in individual teabags
    • Cautions:
      Consult a healthcare provider prior to use if pregnant, nursing, on medications, you have a medical condition or are planning a medical procedure. Stop use and contact a physician if adverse reactions occur
    • With our detox tea we have testimonies of clients who lost 5 to 20lbs in a month

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